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Spooky Mystery Box

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The mystery boxes contain a range of Soft Kitty Clothing items from the past, whether they are quirky or geeky or alternative and gothic. We can include jewellery, sample clothing, nightwear including slippers and pyjamas and accessories (e.g. purses or gloves). Some items in the box may have never ever been featured on the site before and can be a complete one off! 

*The boxes are currently only suitable for Ladies UK sizes 8-20*

It would be great if you could put your size as well as a few things you like in the note section of the checkout, that way we have an idea of what sizes to provide you with (but please remember it is a mystery box and we can't guarantee you will receive items you asked for.)

Please note: Specifying 'I only want Disney dresses' for example will lead to us giving you a refund as it defeats the purpose of a mystery box so please keep your options open when ordering. We ask for you to state your favourite items so it gives us an idea of your interests and what would be more suitable for you, if you don't like the fact that the items can be completely random and may not include items you prefer then the mystery box is probably not for you.

£25 mystery box contains up to £50 worth of items

£35 mystery box contains up to £75 worth of items

£45 mystery box contains up to £100 worth of items

Refunds are not accepted on these items! However we will accept exchanges whether this is for a completely new item on our site of the same value of your box, gift card or different mystery box items. 

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