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Soft Kitty Clothing originally started from a carrier bag back in 2012, I was in Sixth Form and completely clueless about my future and what I would do next. I considered university but I then decided against it, I felt it wasn't me and I had personally had enough of studying at that point. So that left me with what career... Again I had no idea, but I needed to earn money from somewhere. So I decided to work in retail, it was fun and eye opening but it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The one thing I did throughout being confused by my own brain was run Soft Kitty, which at the time was selling bits and bobs I had made myself like lego earrings or clothes I had created or discovered myself and then sold on online auction sites. It was nothing serious but a bit of extra pocket money, but I did start to notice a hype around quirky clothes - clothes I couldn't just grab on the High Street.

In March 2015 I hit a bit of a low point and knew things needed to change, so I quit my job, went to my bank and opened a business account. I had £0 in it other than a £500 overdraft! I knew I wanted a website which offered all of the items I couldn't buy so easily in the U.K. The items which I had to pay silly moneys in shipping them over here and on customs. As well as the chance to get them within a week of me ordering it. So I bought a few items including Pokemon, Disney etc.and put them on bigcartel, would sell them, buy more, sell them and so on. I didn't pay myself any sort of wage until July that year, everything Soft Kitty made was put straight back into it, I wanted to build the business up as much as I could. I started to reinvent the site a few months later, still selling quirky and geeky items but aiming to sell more premium goods and alternative brands too.

Now in present day, Soft Kitty is now 2 years old! Everyday has been a learning experience, I love what I do. It's surreal to think so much has happened in so little time! I would like to thank everybody for all of your love and support.

Lots of Love,
Megan x
Director of Soft Kitty Clothing