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Courtney Black + Purple Bow Coat

£50.00 GBP £100.00 GBP

  • Collar with blackΒ  lace trim on the outer edge.
  • Bust seams with black lace inset.
  • Waist seam.
  • Heart shaped pockets with black piping.
  • Velvet trim on the pockets with velvet bow in the centre.
  • Slightly puffed sleevehead.
  • Lace trim at the bottom of the coat above the hem.
  • Self fabric bow set into the sleeve seam with black lace trim.
  • Black lace trim in the back seams.
  • Black ribbon to lace the back.
  • 3 ruffles under the back lacing.
  • Self fabric bow under the lacing with black lace trim.
  • 5 self fabric covered buttons.
  • Fully lined.
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